Cuba-Rushford Alumni Association
Distinguished Alumni Award 2024
Honoring those individuals who have made a difference

What is the C-R Distinguished Alumni Award?
This award is being offered to recognize graduates of Cuba Central School and Cuba-Rushford Central School who have succeeded in their career and lives. Inductees may also include those who have distinguished themselves by virtue of their contribution to community and society.
        The goal of the award is to introduce positive role models to the community and acknowledge achievements. Such models inspire others to adopt high aspirations.

How are people nominated?
        People like you nominate inductees. Each year the Cuba-Rushford Alumni Association Board will select inductees based upon nominations. Self-nominations are also welcome.
        If you know of a deserving alumnus who is a positive role model, is a graduate of Cuba Central School or Cuba-Rushford prior to 1990, and is distinguished in career, community service and/or socially responsible endeavor, please submit this printed form by
May 31, 2024 to Cuba-Rushford Alumni Association, P.O. Box 150, Cuba, NY 14727

Name of Nominee: _____________________Class of: ___________

Address: ________________________________ Email: ______________________

Phone: __________________________

Please state your relationship to the nominee and how long you have known him or her:

Please indicate the nominee's full name at the time he/she graduated: __________________________

Please answer the following two questions on a separate sheet of paper and include with the nomination form. (Please answer in detail as we may not know all of their accomplishments.)

  1. In what way(s) has the nominee distinguished him/herself in career, community service, and/or socially responsible endeavor? Please cite specific examples.
  2. In what way(s) is the nominee a positive role model?

Please attach any other pertinent information that you would like the nomination committee to consider. We wish to advise you that the more relevant the information you provide, the easier it will be for the committee to effectively evaluate the nominations.

Signed: __________________________ Please print name: _________________________

Address: ______________________________________  Phone: ______________

The Board of the Cuba-Rushford Alumni Association will consider nominees.
The ceremony will take place over alumni weekend.
The committee reserves the right to request additional information.

Please note: the inductee must be present to receive the award.