Tyler Campbell (Class of 1993) Invitation and Website
Brien Learn (Class of 1967) Treasurer and Membership
Tom Burt Golf Tournament
Jon Zimmerman (Class of 1998)
Connie Doyle (Class of 1967) Secretary
Andy Swift (Class of 1988) Membership
Mary Swift (Class of 1968) & Bill Swift (Class of 1966)
Ann Gross (Class of 1966) Scholarship
Michelle Conklin (Class of 1974) Membership
Kay Adams (Class of 1965)
Marlene Doyle (Class of 1980)
Mary Jane Fanton (Class of 1973)
Sharon Barnes (Class of 1960)
David Lawton (Class of 1958)
Adam Burt (Class of 1999)
Lori Sweet (Class of 1978)