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Kate Howe, Grace Stolberg and Kyle Rittenrich
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Nico VanZwanenberg
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Cuba Football Reunion

Calling all Former Greyhounds, Cheerleaders and Fans

Why: We're celebrating the Undefeated Greyhounds from the 1971 & 1972 Seasons,
plus the 1991 Championship Greyhounds (last team before the name change to the Rebels)
Everyone is welcome to join in the fun!
When: July 9th 2021 (CCS/CRCS Reunion Weekend), 6pm till...
When: Misty Mountains RV Park, Cuba, NY
  • Don't miss this oportunity to visit with old teammates, cheereleaders, friends and fans. Swap lies, tell stories or just listen, but we better do it while we're still able!
  • Food and beer will be available for a minimal cost. If you want a stiffer libation, BYO. Bring a lawn chair, look for the big tent and join in.
  • We're interested in getting a preliminary head count, so please contact Jack Bradley for the '71, '72 teams and Eric Poore for the '91 team.
Jack Bradley
Erick Poore